Complete Price List

Canvas Size Price
8" x 8" Canvas Print 20.00 CAD Order Canvas
8" x 10" Canvas Print 33.00 CAD Order Canvas
8" x 12" Canvas Print 37.00 CAD Order Canvas
10" x 10" Canvas Print 48.00 CAD Order Canvas
10" x 12" Canvas Print 54.00 CAD Order Canvas
10" x 12" Canvas Print 54.00 CAD Order Canvas
12" x 12" Canvas Print 62.00 CAD Order Canvas
11" x 14" Canvas Print 66.00 CAD Order Canvas
12" x 16" Canvas Print 67.00 CAD Order Canvas
14" x 14" Canvas Print 68.00 CAD Order Canvas
10" x 20" Canvas Print 70.00 CAD Order Canvas
12" x 18" Canvas Print 73.00 CAD Order Canvas
16" x 20" Canvas Print 73.00 CAD Order Canvas
16" x 16" Canvas Print 83.00 CAD Order Canvas
16" x 24" Canvas Print 86.00 CAD Order Canvas
15" x 30" Canvas Print 99.00 CAD Order Canvas
20" x 24" Canvas Print 103.00 CAD Order Canvas
20" x 30" Canvas Print 125.00 CAD Order Canvas
20" x 40" Canvas Print 161.00 CAD Order Canvas

Professional Gallery Wrapped Canvas in Canada

If you need professional gallery wrapped canvas in Canada, then look no further than the gallery wrapped professionals near you. They have every size and style that you can think of; plus, you can customize these canvasses to make them professional and personal for all your client’s needs. Everything you need as an artist is there for you. 

As an artist, you want the finishing touch to your canvas to be beautiful and professional; so find the best professional Gallery wrapped canvas money can buy in your local Canadian town. These gallery wrapped canvasses will also last a lifetime, so you can feel confident that your work will never go to waste. Once the canvas is wrapped, it can ship anywhere in Canada and the U.S. right away. It will not get damaged, that is their guarantee. The professionally wrapped canvas will always stay safe and will ship without the worry of nicks or scrapes.

Choose from almost any size or shape you can think of and you will have the most beautiful and professionally wrapped canvas that money can buy. Professional canvas printing is within your reach, and within your budget. Talk to the canvas wrap professionals today and ask them how they can wrap your canvas for you and ship it anywhere in the U.S. or Canada within 48 hours. 

When your customers are counting on you for gallery wrapped canvas all over the U.S. and Canada, don’t let them down. Trust the experts to wrap your canvas perfect the first time. You will love the results and can feel confident that it will ship on time and within your budget. 

Art is one of those investments that you must treat with great care. You must always wrap, handle, and ship the item carefully so the beautiful painting does not get damaged. In order to do this, it is best to have a professional wrap the canvas properly before it is shipped or transported from one place to another. Professional gallery wrapped canvas is done artistically and beautifully, while protecting the item inside as well. 

Don’t trust your canvas to just anyone; canvas printing in Canada is ready to help you wrap and print your canvas professionally the right way. Select any image that you wish and it will be printed on canvas, and then shipped to your desired destination; guaranteed delivery within 48 hours or less.